We are the supplier you need

We are a human-sized company, with a deep understanding of our market and our industry. We are independant and reactive, and our real expertise meets the expectations of our clients in quality and food safety.

Chief Executive Officer

Zakaria OULADZakaria OULAD is the CEO of Soglama. After a career launch in the IT business, he spent 11 years working as a Systems Integration consultant and as a Project Manager in Europe and Australia, mainly on global projects. Zakaria holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and a Master degree in Management. He is currently following an MBA in Strategic Planning.

Chief Operating Officer

Salma OULADSalma OULAD is the COO of Soglama. As a former audiovisual producer, she has over 7 years of experience in cultural project's production and programming. Salma holds a Bachelor degree in Communication and a Master degree in Marketing.

Chief Financial Officer

Amina OULADAmina OULAD is the CFO of SOGLAMA. She has a valuable experience in accounting with over 7 years working as a financial officer and 2 years as a CFO. Amina OULAD holds an Associate degree in Accounting.

Chief Production Officer

Ikrame RibatIkrame RIBAT is the Chief Production Officer of Soglama. She's responsible for various product-related activities. Ikrame is a state engineer in food industry with an experience in industrial pastry.

Chief Quality Officer

Mbark AFAINOUMbark AFAINOU is the CQO of Soglama. He has been in the food industry for over 10 years, mainly working as a quality assurance officer in the fish industry. Mbark holds an Associate degree in Canning Industry and Quality Management.

Chief Maintenance Officer

Amine El HACHADIAmine El HACHADI is the CMO of Soglama. He has worked as a technical officer in industrial refrigeration and general maintenance before becoming Soglama’s CMO. Amine holds an Associate degree in Industrial Refrigeration and an other one in Electrical Engineering.


Saadia AkrimSaadia Akrim is a secretary with many talents and a very long experience in the food industry.