The Company

SOGLAMA is the result of a 40 years family tradition in the seafood processing industry. This tradition has been perpetuated mainly around anchovies and sardines in the Port of Agadir.

Our tradition holds its roots in the 20th century, but our methods and techniques are nevertheless at forefront of the technology and the best practices of the food industry.

We also have a detailed internal charter that defines our values and our principles of action with our internal and external partners.

Our management, our employees and our shareholders comply with this charter. They are individually and collectively its custodians, its guarantors and its actors.

Anchovies Fillets

Our History

Moroccans relation to their sea and its products helped them make a performing “Moroccan fishing” model.

The Moroccan marine world gives its best, authentic products. The marine diversity offers products like the Moroccan Anchovy, the Moroccan Sardine or the Moroccan cephalopod.

Morocco engaged the process of guarantying the authenticity of its fishery products by respecting the principles of quality, identification, transparency and traceability.

Sought by the most demanding markets, Moroccan fishery products combine natural, authenticity and tradition, which gives them flavour and a guaranteed quality.

Old Agadir Harbour