Our tradition holds its roots in the 20th century, but our methods and techniques are nevertheless at forefront of the technology and the best practices of the food industry.


The products

  • Marinated anchovy fillets

    Sophisticated and provocative fillets with stunning flavours.

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  • Salted anchovy fillets

    Traditional fillets that still take you to a whole new world.

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  • Anchovy appetisers

    Gourmet fish appetisers everyone needs for a good party.

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  • Frozen small pellagic

    Straight out of the sea, these fish are catched by our own boats.

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Values & Quality

We are constantly working on reducing our impact on the environment.
We rationalise our energy consumption and convert our waste into by- products.

Our biggest investment is in the health and the safety of our consumers, our employees and our partners. Besides what it costs us, we know what it saves. We respect the strictest recommendations in terms of resource management to ensure sustainable fisheries. Food safety is our priority number 1. In order to be able to master it, we have set up our own chemical and microbiological lab. We have also implemented a set of tools recognized worldwide.

Our Team

We are a human-sized company with a deep understanding
of our market and our industry.